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    Benjamin Graham

    MSc. Gestalt Psychotherapy, UKCP reg.

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    Hi, I'm Ben. I am a UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist.


    I offer my clients safe and professional therapeutic work online.


    I work regularly to help people on a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationships, sexuality, self-exploration and personal growth


    You can find more information about my approach to psychotherapy below.


    To read more about my experience and training, see About Me


    I offer a free assessment session to all clients. Subsequent sessions cost £80.

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  • Psychotherapy

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    What is Gestalt Psychotherapy?

    Gestalt psychotherapy is an approach which helps people re-connect with all of themselves. By exploring our experience, we gain a richer view of our lives and choices. This deeper awareness can help us find new ways through current difficulties and resolve past problems.


    When we come to therapy, we usually hope to change something that is troubling us. A fundamental idea in Gestalt is that we cannot force ourselves to change but naturally move forward when we accept who and what we currently are. My approach is to create a safe space where we can explore your experience fully and work through issues at your own pace.


    Gestalt is also known as a 'relational' therapy. This means that I include my feelings and responses in the therapy process and use our relationship to help us understand how you may be relating to the world around you.

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    Which issues can psychotherapy help with?

    Psychotherapy can help with a range of issues. I have particular experience in helping those who are struggling with:

    • Anxiety, worry, phobias and panic attacks
    • Burnout and stress
    • Depression and low mood
    • Grief, bereavement and loss
    • The effects of trauma and abuse
    • Feelings of emptiness, loneliness and loss of purpose or meaning
    • Self-esteem, body image and low confidence
    • Relationships and sexuality

    Many people also come to therapy without being sure of what is troubling them. This is a common starting point and we can work together to help you identify what is going on.

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    Assessment Sessions

    Research (and my own experience) has shown that a strong working relationship is crucial for beneficial therapy.


    To see if we are right for each other, I offer all clients an initial session in which we can explore your reasons for coming to therapy and give you a sense of what it is like to work with me. You can then decide whether you would like to proceed.

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    Scope and Frequency

    Depending on the focus and how we agree to work, therapy can be both short (up to 12 sessions) and/or longer-term. In either case, I will invite you to review our progress regularly.


    Sessions take place weekly on Zoom or Skype. (If you have another preferred platform, please let me know.)

  • About Me

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    I have worked in private practice since 2016. In that time, I have worked with many individuals on issues which are common to psychotherapy, such as anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. Before entering private practice, I worked with people in a variety of voluntary settings, including the NHS and bereavement services.


    In my experience, we come to therapy when we feel that our familiar ways of coping are no longer working. This can show up as anxiety about the future or re-experiencing pain from past events. It can also be less clear: we may be experiencing vague dissatisfaction or a desire for something more in our lives. In every case, coming to therapy is a brave step. I am interested in meeting you where you are and finding out how our work can help you.


    Alongside my private practice, I also work in organisations. In 2016, I began work with mental health startup Sanctus, where I created a model for 1-2-1 mental health coaching in the workplace. Through this work, I have become particularly sensitive to the needs of people who are taking their first steps into therapy and journeys of psychological discovery. I believe in using my training and theoretical background, as well as research and scientific findings, to support my work whilst honouring the fact that therapy, like life, is a creative process. Our work will be to make the right therapy for you.


    I am also interested in teaching and furthering debates around psychotherapy. From 2019 to 2021 I joined the Gestalt department tutor team at the Metanoia Institute to assist in the training of gestalt psychotherapists. I have also written about various topics in psychotherapy and organisational psychology such as the nature of change, psychotherapy training, and the experience of phobia.



    I abide by the UKCP and Metanoia Institute codes of ethics.

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